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October 23, 2012: I did another 24 Hour Comic. Check it out here!

July 12, 2012: Finally finished. I1-3DB Part 4 is done. Check out the entire story with character bios: here.

April 25, 2012: I did a 24 Hour Comic. Yay me! READ

March 22, 2012: I1-3DB Part 3 is finished. Alost done.

January 18, 2012: I1-3DB Part 2 is finished! Please check it out at your leisure.

January 09, 2012: New Year, New Goals. I have not finished I1-3DB, but is well under way...perhaps by March?

The website will have a total remake, shortly...

And I have begun a comic that will be updated weekly. here.

Hope your year was good.

November 16, 2011: Part 1 of I1-3DB is completed! and Posted.

January 02, 2011: It's 20 11! So let's review: I completed The Incredible Growing Man (Success!), I shelfed Crime School #1 (er...failure?), and put off Parallel Fun, now called I1-3DB until early 2011 (kinda sounds like failure...). Of course some of was that under the pretence that I would finish my second graphic novel before 2011 (total failure.).


LUSTER OF VENGEANCE is now completed!

Order your copy today from!

Or go to Amazon:


It will also be available from other on-line bookstores shortly.

Luster of Vengeance